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Quick update [Apr. 24th, 2005|11:53 pm]
Barcelona blog
[Current Music |Rage Against the Machine]

Well, all classes are finished except studio at this point. This Thursday is final review, and once that's finished the cheap champagne will be out and corks will be flying all over. Until then, it's work, work, and more work. This past weekend was a good time, though it also marked the end of a few occurrences that have become more like traditions in the program. Oh well, everything's got to come to an end at some point. My parents are coming into town on Friday and then it's off for more traveling and touring. I'm looking forward to this b/c then I won't be on my own budget anymore. We're looking to head to Bilbao and check out the Guggenheim, and then we go to Florence for a few days before coming back to BCN for a night and then it's back to the good ol' U.S.! Enough updates, back to work. Until next time...