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I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry blog, I know it's been ages since I've… - Gaudi Forbid [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Apr. 16th, 2005|09:13 am]
Barcelona blog
I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry blog, I know it's been ages since I've written and I really have no excuses. So anyways I have a ton to say so I guess I'll make it short and painless:
--Speaking of pain...I don't recommend getting Spanish infections in your elbow, it's quite painful. Alison and Sarah kindly escorted me to the hospital up the street which was a frightening experience. The place resembles a bad horror movie from back in the day: puke green walls, old white metal beds, men w/ stained white uniforms, groans and screams from behind the curtains....Take my advice and don't get sick in Spain.
--Spring break was fabulous. Spending 10 whole days w/ Bradford was well-deserved and long-overdue considering this is my second semester over here! We had a blast in Paris, did everything there was to do. Had a blast in Rome, did everything there was to do and then took a break by spending a day in the countryside, Orvieto. Met up w/ the girls in Rome too which was fun. Then went to Chamonix to ski at Mont Blanc. The mountain was huge and scary, but once you get over that it's awesome. I highly recommend it! Coming back to Spain sucked, prolly the worst experience of my life. After spending 10 days w/ my favorite person in my favorite countries (France and Italy), coming back here is the equivalent to being locked in a torture chamber for a month. But it's ok I'm gonna make it!
--Hmm what else...Tudor, Alison, and I had Ghost Story Night...in the dark w/ candles for the full effect. Well we had a good time but scared ourselves shitless. Even I was scared, and I never get scared of ghosts, I've grown up w/ them, Charleston is like the most haunted city and I think everyone I know has lived in a house w/ a ghost. Others have wanted to join so we're planning another one, we'll let ya'll know when!
--The Genoa girls are here this weekend. We had a good time last night prepartying between Alison/Dana and Julie/Sandra's rooms. We all went to Ryans, I swear that place would have no business if it weren't for us. I think we took over, it was all Clemson kids. As always Warren and Kurt provided excellent entertainment w/ their fabulous guitar playing. Then we came back here, I found DonBosch sitting in the hall outside my door eating a doner, half of it was on the floor around him though. We went to Julie/Sandra's room and hung out and heard his story of his run-in w/ the cops for walking over cars to catch up w/ Le'er. Highly entertaining, apparently if you tell the cops you're American they immediately let you go b/c 'Bush will regulate.' Good to know we have that kind of diplomatic immunity over here haha.
--The Beach has been great lately. The other weekend I got fried on my back so Thursday I had to go even things up and fry my front haha. Gotta endure the first burns of summer to be tan the rest....Thursday was quite pleasant, except for the Irish man who would verbally attack the Indian men selling drinks. Eventually he started running up to them and pushing, but when he started throwing rocks that's when Julie and I packed up and left. His aim wasn't very good and we were nervous.
Ok so that's about it for now. I have precisely 13 days left here!!!!!! Yikes! Adios