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Well its that time again where the workload increases to undesired… - Gaudi Forbid [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Apr. 17th, 2005|04:04 pm]
Barcelona blog
Well its that time again where the workload increases to undesired levels. Studio project is coming along nicely. There was a slight interuption in the design process but I was able to recover and move along. This project has really made me look at spaces a lot differently. In the U.S., everything is very spread out so space is not really an issue. Here in BCN that is obviously not the case so a lot more planning and consideration for the site must be done. Anyway, last weeks case study was Parc Diagonal. I found this park to be the most enjoyable I have been to yet. It is a fairly new park so the plants have not grown to full potential but it was a very pleasant setting with the water features and mix of green space. I think I enjoyed it because of its positioning in relation to the surrounding buildings.

This past weekend some friends from Genoa came to BCN. It has been a great time of hanging out and catching up. The deal at Nubar is excellent. 1 Euro drinks is hard to beat. There have been some fun times the past couple nights at Nubar. We had a very interesting card game with some Canadian chicas(was it me or did they get better looking with the more drinks we had? The hen party was a crash--literally--the drunk chick fell off a stool and glasses were shattering everywhere. Enough stories for now-- On the discussion of good deals the doner has met its match. I no longer look at King Doner the same way. The sandwich is a pita from a Greek shop. The pita has all the normal fixings a doner would have only it has pollo(chicken), it is on a very soft pita, and the pita comes with feta cheese. The price for a pita with feta is 3.70, without 3.20 . The restaurant is called Dionisiss (sp?). It is located on George Orwell Plaza--same place as Veronica's Pizza. I wold recommend everyone experiencing one before they leave.

I guess I need to get back to work. Enough chatting for now. Its GO TIME!

See ya,