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I blame Pitts. [Apr. 17th, 2005|10:46 am]
Barcelona blog
Now we all know how Tudor's voice carries and how I can hear her from my bathroom, from my bed, well if her window is open, basically for everywhere. Usually I ignore the fuss, but when I heard "HOLY SHIT THERE IS BLOOD ALL OVER HERE!" I thought maybe Warren had cut his hand off or SOMETHING...
so I ran down to see what the heck is up. Indeed there is blood spattered all over her room... and a DEAD PIGEON on the floor!!! Right behind the door, rigid, legs in the air, in a spattered gore zone.

Stupid bird must have flown in her open window, cracked its neck and flailed around until it died. It was about the grossest thing I ever saw. Sheldon took it downstairs holding it with TP around its leg and the night guard Carlos (the man who smaoks in front of the no smoking sign, the man who doesn't speak a lick of english and has massive trouble with the american guys on this account, and who comes to enforce noise violations by having a glass of wine if you understand
spanish and can take a joke)... Carlos apparantly drew the line at a dead pigeon and is all "Tomelo
afuera AHORA!!!!" Meanwhile upstairs Tudor is standing on her desk screaming and everyone is coming over to see what the hell is up... taking pictures of the blood... laughing.

Whole incident gets a "wow" and a note to self: don't leave the windows open when you're gone.