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but I don't WANT to go home!!! - Gaudi Forbid [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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but I don't WANT to go home!!! [Apr. 15th, 2005|01:25 pm]
Barcelona blog
well classes are winding down (while the workload winds up)... I've never done less in an architectural semester, methinks... spain+southerners have certainly chilled me out, and if you kids think I'm manic about having a daily agenda, you're seeing me as easy going as I've ever been (pathetic). Something about yoga, no car, a beautiful walk to the beach...

for a week or so I was killing myself about the decision to stay on until june... and now I'm patting myself on the back. Bravo me. One week of pining away after my far-away boyfriend is about as much self-pity as I will allow myself, so moving on, and living vicariously through Dana's retardedly beautiful conquests, I'm going to blow through my bank account and enjoy the shit out of the rest of my time in europe. I'm going to Ireland and winging it for 5 or 6 days, in the southwest, flying to Cork and probably from Shannon. I'm excited!!!! I've already spent a night's lodging (possibly a night and a half's) on a travel book but since' Let's Go has already saved my life on several occasions I think it might be worth it. And by saved my life I mean told me where the tourist office is and how much the bus costs. I've probably wanted to go to ireland longer than I've wanted to come to Barcelona... so fuck it... off I go... and probably will return with company when I'm old enough to rent a car and have had a reasonable amount of practice driving a standard transmission (only done that solo once, and thought I was going to kill my father's car).

also I need to whip out some motivation to do a project worth keeping in a portfolio, haven't got the grad-school time the rest of you have to spank out some work... I am beginning to feel like my design skills are coming together... I don't see buildings as much in little parts... some things are just right... cool, I haven't wasted my mother's hard earned money completely!!!

Gotta do some Rodney Yee, peace!